The Duluth Fire Department is asking the public for help with any information they might have about who or whom set 3 different trees on Fire in Leif Erickson Park on Tuesday night. Not many details are available right now except for the fact that the fires seemed to have been set intentionally.

According to WDIO fire officials responded to the fires around 8pm which were near the amphitheater, and were able to put them out quickly. Thankfully an alert resident noticed the fire and called for help, I could not even imagine how quickly that fire could have spread given all the vegetation in that particular area.

I will never understand the thought process of someone intentionally setting out to destroy something so beautiful and in an area where tourists and locals alike flock too year round. Thank you to the firefighters who responded so quickly. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Duluth Fire Marshal at 218-730-4380.


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