According to the owner of the store, the newest company to occupy Duluth's popular Canal Park will be open for Memorial Day Weekend.

According to the owner of the store, Flagship will be opening their doors to the public for the first time ever on Thursday, May 24th. That means they will be open for what is known by many as the beginning of tourism season in Duluth, as Memorial Day Weekend brings in plenty of people.

Flagship is a clothing brand that will specialize in things such as live screen printing, quality apparel, original designs and locally oriented. Owner Ian Scherber, who also owns Duluth Screen Printing, believes in the product they are going to be putting out. "We aren't going to put something on our shelves that we aren't going to be wearing ourselves."

Flagship will have eight "collections" in their store: Uncharted, Lighthouse, Fog, Heritage, Iron, Featured Artist, Greater and Heart.

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