As this weekend's blizzard wraps up on Sunday, officials from both Duluth and Superior are asking the public to stay home - even as snow ends - and to be patient with the snow removal process.

In a statement posted on Facebook on Sunday morning, Superior Mayor Jim Paine updated residents on the snow removal process, asking everyone to stay home and off the roads, as they are still snow-covered and travel is difficult. He also asked residents to help neighbors with the snow removal process and to help with the process of moving cars parked on streets, which will help city crews as they plow roadways. Here's his full statement:

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Duluth city officials shared a post via social media on Sunday morning, also asking the public to stay home on Sunday. This message was a little more specific; explaining that it is important for the public to stay off the roads because most roadways are still unplowed and impassible, and emergency response resources are already stretched thin. Adding extra traffic to the roadways will only hinder efficient snow removal and could lead to extra road accidents that will further tax limited emergency response resources. Here is their full statement:

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