Since the release of the Apple Watch, there have been a number of stories detailing how the wearable has played a role in saving people's lives either through the heart rate sensor or other features of the device. One Duluthian's story of how the watch helped in saving is live is now being featured in an Apple Watch ad video.

Michael Jackson, a Duluth East and College of St. Scholastica graduate, lives with a condition called spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He explains in the video that he felt "off" one day, and woke up to a notification on his Apple Watch that his heart rate was abnormally high for being at rest. Taking a cue from this alert, Michael was taken to the emergency room, where it was determined that he had sepsis.

He goes on to say that he's always admired Apple, but he never thought he'd admire the company for potentially saving his life, as he says the watch did.

Apple explained in the description for this video that people reach out to them all the time, detailing how Apple Watch has become an indispensable part of their lives. While most customers might provide comments about the device's general usefulness for communication, organization, or the exercise, health, and wellness features the watch offers; a growing number of users continue to share stories of how the heart rate sensor has played a role in alerting them to serious health issues.

Apple continues to brand their wearable device as a powerful health and wellness tool, with the newest rendition of the Apple Watch featuring additional features that could lead to happy endings coming out of scary medical situations. The Apple Watch 4 features ECG heart monitor technology and fall detection that can alert specific contacts if the user falls and does not get back up.

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