I love playing the old arcade style games like Pac-man and somehow I thought that my years of playing in the past would make me a formidable contestant against young gun Ian.

A while back Cooper and I were talking about the Pac-man game and posted a question on Facebook to see if any are still in operation in the Twin Ports. I am happy to report that the answer is yes, a majority of them are in bars, but two of them are in Duluth Laundromats.

So, Ian and I headed over to West Duluth to take on Ms. Pac-man. I must say I was overly confident given the fact that Ian was not even born yet when Pac-man first came out! Although Ian is a big gamer, most younger folks can't adapt to this slow moving game. So we grabbed our quarters and had quite the show down, and who was victorious? Check out the video below and have a look.

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