Access to healthcare in the Northland can be difficult - especially in some of our more rural areas.  A new clinic facility aims to solve that access problem for residents that live south of the Twin Ports along the I-35 corridor.

Essentia Health has announced that their new Moose Lake Clinic will open to the public on Tuesday, September 7. The clinic is located within the existing Moose Lake Hospital, but provides access to longer-term, non-emergency medical care for the surrounding area.

According to details shared by Essentia Health, there's a lot of capacity to serve patients who live in the area; and, that access will make it possible for them to have that access without having to travel as far:

"The nearly 10,000-square foot clinic will have 14 exam rooms, two procedure rooms, two telehealth rooms, and additional space.  The roughly $4 million project will make it easier for patients to receive the kind of care they expect and deserve without having to travel to Duluth or other locations."

Design plans for the new clinic facility aimed to make sure that patients could utilize the clinic and be able to find the exact (or similar) services that they would expect to find at a larger facility like the one in Duluth.


That medical access closer to home for Moose Lake-area residents also goes a long way towards improved health.  Dr. Tom Witt, family medical physician and Administrator at Essentia Health-Moose Lake offers:

"We're excited to expand our offerings in Moose Lake.  Providing comprehensive care close to home isn't just more convenient, it leads to better patient outcomes.  This aligns with our mission of making a healthy difference in people's lives and providing the best care possible."

Patients who chose to utilize the Moose Lake Clinic instead of traveling won't be trading off quality of care or quantity of care for location, either:

"The clinic will provide high-quality patient care by utilizing already existing lab and radiology resources.  There will be two family medicine physicians - solely dedicated to [the Moose Lake] clinic, with plans to eventually double that number.  The goal is to build upon [their]...commitment to provide care in the communities [they]...serve by offering family medicine, obstetrics, cardiology, urology, orthopedics, and more to....patients in Moose Lake and the surrounding communities."

While the clinic is opening for use on September 7, an official ribbon cutting and grand opening community open house has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 15.

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Hours for the Moose Lake Clinic are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  The building is located at the Moose Lake Hospital, 4572 County Road 61 in Moose Lake.

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