I had a chance this year to finally stop by and see Marcia Hales famous Christmas Light Display on Park Point and I must say it was nothing short of magical. To think of how much time and planning goes into setting those up each year is absolutely mind blowing.

Last year Hales announced that after 20 years of putting up the display that she was going to retire, so now the question remained what would she do with the 300,000 christmas lights she had accumulated? Well, what better place to carry on the tradition than Glensheen Mansion? They had some competition as many people had asked her about her display and what she was going to do with it, but at the end of the day she was thrilled when Glensheen had called her about them.

Hales had said it was hard for her to hear how so many people were saddened by the news that she was not continuing the display, but now her vision will continue on a much bigger scale at Glensheen for years to come. For more on this story CLICK HERE.

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