For many families Halloween can get pretty expensive, especially If you have more than one kid, so here are some ideas of where to get costumes at a fraction of the price for kids and adults.

We were all kids once and as a parent you know realistically the costume is most likely gonna get pretty trashed, so why dump a ton of money into it? Of course you want to try and get the kids one that they are excited about, but instead of running to one of the big box chain stores right away, here are some other options.

1.) SAVERS: At  Savers you can get the best of both worlds because they have new and used costumes which will help save money. Plus, with their costume consultants, they may be able to help you coordinate some ideas you did not even think of.  WEBSITE  

2.) Ragstock: This is a great option as well with new and Vintage clothing options. Most all of the clothing is for adults but they have really cool accessories and a great place to bring older kids to mix and match some outfits. WEBSITE

3.) Goodwill:  With 7 of these stores around the Twin Ports you are sure to find some type of treasures. Even If not actual commercial costumes you can mix and match and pair up with accessories.

4.) E-BAY:   Really big savings on costumes for kids and adults, new and used. Some even ship for free....only down size is not being able to try it on first. Tons of options for boys, girls even your pets! WEBSITE

5.) Friends and On-Line Garage Sales- Facebook is a great way to get rid of kids costumes or buy them, None of our kids was able to fit in their costumes from the year before, this is a great way to buy or swap with other families.