Recently my wife and I went on an adventure camping in Voyageur National Park. It was our first time, and it was a little intimidating. The only way to your campsite is by boating to it. That means you have to pack all of your gear into your boat and hope you don't forget something. We did pretty well with not forgetting anything, but we did realize right as we turned down the road to the launch that we forgot the coffee maker.

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This was not good. We both crave a cup of Joe in the morning. Luckily we saw one last gas station just miles before the launch site. It was pretty picked over. There were no coffee presses or peculators of course. There wasn't even instant coffee available. All we had on us was coffee grounds, but we were able to find coffee filters. We grabbed a package and figured we would make it work one way or another.

So the next morning we came up with a plan. We were able to boil water in a pan we had in our camp gear. Next we used one of my wife's hair ties to secure the filter to the top of the cup. Next we just slowly poured hot water over the coffee letting it brew into the cup. It actually worked fantastic and made a pretty good cup of coffee. The challenge is to get the filter off without spilling grounds into the coffee.

Leave it to our addiction of caffeine for us to come up with an on the spot hack.

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