Fraser Shipyards in Superior is busy working on a new project, a 140-foot passenger/vehicle ferry for Miller Boat Line in Ohio.

According to Fraser, "the vessel will accommodate more than 600 passengers or 26 standard-sized vehicles, and offer 20% more cargo capacity, compared to Miller’s current largest ferry. She will also feature a main deck with a passenger cabin and restroom, as well as systems for enhanced propulsion and maneuverability."

They will construct the ferry in modules starting this fall and expect to have the ferry ready for fall of 2019. The ferry named Mary Ann Market, will homeport in Put-in-Bay, Ohio on South Bass Island on Lake Erie.

Fraser Shipyards hasn't done a building project of this size since 1966 when they built a similar ship, which according to the Superior Telegram, is still in use between Bayfield and Madeline Island.

“We chose Fraser due to its enduring high quality, integrity and value, and with consideration of recommendations from industry professionals, including marine surveyors, lake captains and engineers,” said Billy Market, president of Miller Boat Line.

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