Generative Artificial Intelligence is everywhere you look, as companies look to roll out the new technology in any way possible, now Target is jumping on the bandwagon.

Target says it is testing the new GenAI technology in about 400 stores right now, with plans to roll it out to nearly 2,000 stores by August. The new GenAI tool is called "Store Companion", it is a Chatbot designed by Target aimed to make the shopping experience better and faster.

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The Target GenAI chatbot is made specifically for Target team members, it will be available to them as an app on their specially equipped handheld devices and will assist them with store procedures and processes, and will also help new employees "learn on the job" as they say the chatbot will act as a "store process expert and coach".

Target says it only took them about 6 months from testing to rollout, and is using feedback from team members who are currently using the app to improve it before the larger rollout.

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The new GenAI chatbot was trained by Target's in-house on real life and frequently asked questions, it also was trained on process documents from its stores across the United States.

Jake Seaquist, store director at one of the pilot stores in Champlin, MN says that, "Streamlining day-to-day tasks goes a long way with our team members and adds up to more time spent with guests and a better guest experience across the store."

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