Summer is short in the Northland, so we all know we need to get our gardening and lawn care done in a very short span of time, well here is something to help you...The Pocket Hose!

Now I know sometimes the "As seen on T.V." products seem way to good to be true, but I am standing by this super product. Yes, it is the little things in life sometimes.:) I admit I have seen this on the shelves many times, had it in my hand and thought, no I already have a hose.

But, you don't have the pocket hose. Stop dealing with kinks, and the dreaded wheel to roll up that heavy old hose this really works and it's 50 feet long! So now all the flowers I planted this summer are actually getting watered on a timely basis, and whatever else I feel like spraying. Check out the video below, and by the way you can buy them in the Twin Ports in stores.

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