Milwaukee Wisconsin, my hometown, was a great place to grow up. A hard working, ethnically diverse, blue collar kind of place. And as a kid the one thing I knew for sure was all the beer that was made there, how did I know this? Read on...

I don't want to insinuate that my parents fed me beer as a kid or anything like that, my story is two fold. My dad was born and raised in Milwaukee and was very proud of his Irish heritage and his hometown. He was quite the historian and loved to tell my brothers and sisters and I all about the history of the city.

Another reason I know this is that my Uncle John F. Savage or "Uncle Bud" to me, worked at Miller Brewing Company. The giant of the breweries in the city, we had Miller stuff everywhere, coasters, garbage cans, coozies you name it. He passed away last year at the age of 101, and with that I realized exactly what he had done there. He retired from Miller way back in 1972 as Executive Vice President and General Council, but his crowning achievement was being named "The Father" of Miller Lite!

The pride in making this beer is what made the city tick, and still does to this day. And now living in the Northland you see that same sense of pride and entrepreneurial spirit with some of the  breweries and craft beers. It is a whole new day with something for everyone's pallet. Who knows maybe down the road this area will become known as Beer City too. For more info. on Craft Beers check it out yourself at a great new event called Twin Ports on Tap. Click here for tickets!