Last week was American Craft Beer week, and Hanson celebrated by tasting some of their own brew -- appropriately titled Mmmhops.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac recently recorded a video for PEOPLE in which they taste and describe the India Pale Ale, which is now available to order online (if you're 21 and over, of course). And in typical Hanson fashion, the band of brothers get a little goofy while doing so.

"Ike, what comes to mind when you taste this?" Taylor asks Isaac, handing him a glass of the IPA. "Besides magic. And unicorns."

"Mmm. Hops," Isaac jokes. "I would say it's a very malty pale ale. It's got a nice, lively nose to it," he explains, which leaves Zac cracking up.

"As a musician, what kind of notes does this beer have?" Zac prods.

"Mostly C minor," Taylor quickly quips back. "It's not as sad as D minor … it tugs at the heartstrings, and then afterwards, you get kind of a big C major."

"[First] it's sort of a C minor … kind of mellow, and then brightness," he continues excitedly, as Isaac sings the C major note in the background. "Happiness, really."

"Joy," Zac agrees.

Watch the guys taste + discuss Mmmhops below!

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