After news came out of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in mid-January that wind had torn apart the developing ice along the shoreline, the likelihood of visitors being able to access the natural wonder for a second year in a row seemed dashed. Following cold conditions over the past month, things are looking up once again for people looking to visit the ice caves.

--UPDATE 5:00 pm 2/25--

Officials at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are reporting that unless weather conditions drastically change ice conditions, the caves will open Saturday, February 28. While ice has been deemed safe enough for visitors, officials do caution that the experience will be much different than last year's, with a very treacherous hike to see the attraction.

--UPDATE 12:30 pm 2/24--

The folks at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are reporting wind gusts up to 40 mph as colder weather blows back into the area. These gusts have already opened up giant swaths of previously ice-covered lake along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Rangers plan to survey ice conditions tomorrow (2/25) to assess whether or not plans to open this weekend are still feasible.

--Original story--

As of Monday evening (2/24), officials with the park service reported that ice conditions were shaping up for a possible opening of the shoreline to the public for this coming weekend (2/28-3/1). The big caveat in that is whether or not the weather would cooperate during the week. Windy conditions would be the primary thing that might ruin plans to open the shoreline. Gusty conditions were predicted for the day yesterday, so surveyors will have to assess whether or not anything changed after yesterday.

If the shoreline does open this weekend, or anytime this year, visitors will have to pay a newly-installed fee of $5 per person over the age of 16. The fee is being used to offset the cost of extra staffing and facilities during the influx of visitors. To learn more about the fee or the option to buy a $10 season pass, click the button below.