Cooper, Josh and I  got a little off track this morning and ended up talking about Zombie attacks and who of the Mix 108 staff would survive? Well this really got me thinking, so I decided to make a list about each person on staff and in my opinion who would come out on top. This list is on no particular order, but I do reveal the survivor at the bottom of the page.


  • Photo courtesy of Cooper/TSM

    Jeanne Ryan

    I am the oldest member of the crew, but also wise.


    • Good at reading people, but not sure how that works with the undead.
    • I lived in Kansas for 3 years so this gives me an advantage as far as survival skills in general.


    • I have bad knees and am very slow, I could maybe make it five blocks if being chased.
    • The only weapons I have access to is a plastic shovel and some ice scrapers.
  • Photo courtesy of Cooper/TSM

    Tony Hart

    Tony is the second oldest of the group and also has metal rods in his ankle, but don't count him out just yet he is very cunning.


    • He has a super drone that he could use for surveillance over the zombies.
    • He has seen every episode of The Walking Dead, so he would know what to expect.


    • Could be slowed down in his escape by his back pack full of all his Star Wars action figures.
    • His new dad shoes may not have the proper traction to traverse uneven  terrain.
  • Photo courtesy of Cooper/TSM

    Ian Redmond

    The youngest member of the group, this wiley ginger could possibly end up the lone survivor.


    • He and his dad have actually planned an escape route out of Duluth in case a zombie apocalypse would come down.
    • He would be able to hide out in small spaces due to his freakish flexibility and thin stature.


    • In the event he was on the run, he could be slowed down by his zipper on his pants constantly falling down.
    • He may be compromised trying to hold his bowels in a pinch due to his sensitive stomach which would lead the zombies right to him.
  • Photo courtesy of TSM

    Nick Cooper

    The second Youngest of the crew,  has good sense when it comes to footwear and stays nicely groomed.


    • Real Life hunting experience and has guns and knives
    • Has major outdoor survival skills


    • Could get caught off guard messing with his smart watch, or trying to find a WiFi Hotspot.
    • Realizes Don Johnson has turned into a zombie and can't bring himself to kill him.