I have scene a glimpse of the other 2 cereals before but a whole entire shelf devoted to Franken Berry Cereal was just too much. I had to gobble up a couple of boxes of this sweet treat before it is gone.

Some of you may be familiar with the other 2 cereals which are Boo Berry, a Blue Berry flavored cereal and Count Chocula which is chocolate, and not to bad either. But my hands down favorite is Franken Berry a delicious strawberry flavored delight!

According to General Mills these cereals go way back, Count Chocula and Franken Berry were both introduced in March 1971. and Boo Berry hit the market in December of 1972. All 3 of these cereals were available year round for the next 35 years, but now are only out during Halloween. I am just glad that they still make it, even though it is only available once a year.

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