John Bon Jovi not only made a fans day, but made her special day the best ever!

Branka Delic is such a huge fan of Bon Jovi that she actually came from Australia to Las Vegas to get married in the same chapel as John Bon Jovi did 25 years earlier. The Graceland Wedding Chapel. Now ever since she was a young girl Branka dreamed of walking down the aisle with Bon Jovi, with one twist, they were marrying each other.

Well obviously that did not happen, so she started a website campaign begging him to walk her down the aisle for her wedding. It was no coincidence that he was in Las Vegas that day, the band was playing a show that night.

Wow, good for him because she is no ordinary fan. Maybe he felt it was the safest bet to go through with this since she was in the same town as he was. Kidding aside what a great guy, and you know this is a day she and her new husband will never forget.

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