Lady Gaga's never been shy, but she's had a real streak (see what we did there?) of nudity lately. And now we're getting a look at still more unclothed shots she did for V Magazine, along with the interview itself.

You know, if you care what she's saying and all.

Gaga posed for four different covers for V's September issue, and in the one here, she's wearing a custom Saint Laurent sequined jacket -- and channeling her teenaged self.

"That look was very hard for me because that is how I looked when I was 19 until I was 21 years old … Maybe longer," she told V (quotes via PEOPLE). "I got my hair cut like that when I was 18 and all these really painful things happened during this time."

Gaga explained she has a really high tolerance for both mental and physical discomfort, but that it comes with a price.

"I think it's because of my discipline as a child. I studied piano and then theater and then dance, so I have this ability to endure long periods of pain," she mused. "But as a result, when I became an adult at 18, I allowed myself to stay in bad situations because I was able to take the pain."

"Although I was able to withstand a challenge for that period of time in my youth, the results were destructive. I was left a shell," she said, possibly alluding to the eating disorder and substance abuse issues from which she's admittedly suffered.

"Art," she added, "was always the thing that drove me forward in these challenging and painful circumstances." (Maybe this is why she's calling her upcoming album 'ARTPOP.')

And just in case you haven't seen enough of Mother Monster's skin lately, here are a couple more shots.

Lady Gaga covers V Magazine
V Magazine

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