There are lots of Lady Gaga breakup rumors going around.

First, the media claimed she and her BF Taylor Kinney were on the outs, which they're not, as he was seen backstage, with a laminate, at her emotional YouTube Music Awards performance. Now there's new and widely-spreading intel that Ma Monster and longtime manager Troy Carter, who also has interests in the tech field, have split.

The reports that the two have parted ways professional are somewhat suspect, since Gaga herself has not confirmed it...yet.

While Gaga is no stranger to career breakups, since she split with creative director Laurieann Gibson a few years back, Carter has been with her since the lean years.

Sources suggest that Carter was not integral to the promotional campaign behind 'ARTPOP' and that Gaga refused to take his advice. That's not uncommon, since major celebs and stars start to think that they know better than their handlers or teams as their fame increases.

But Gaga and Carter have always maintained a serious mutual respect, at least from an outsider's perspective.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that Gaga and Carter split over creative differences and an insider close to the sitch told the publication that Carter feels both sad and liberated at being relieved of his post.

Until we hear it from Gaga's mouth…