Hearts are heavy at The Lake Superior Zoo as they posted on Facebook that their beloved Lana a 15 year old Amur Tiger has passed away. Lana was diagnosed with liver disease this past September for which she was being treated with medication and blood work testing . Initially Lana showed signs of improvement, however over time staff noticed a change in her behavior and decreased appetite.

Yesterday keepers noticed that Lana did not eat her morning meal and was very lethargic. She also showed no interest in going in the holding area which was not like her at all. The Vet staff was called in and did some blood work, and the results were that Lana's liver values had doubled in a month. It was then the very difficult decision was made to euthanize her due to her diminished quality of life.

My heart goes out to all the staff at the zoo especially the keepers that took such good care of her and loved her very much. I had the pleasure this past March to spend some behind the scenes time with Lana, I even got to prepare her lunch and clean out her cage. Check out the video below to see just how beautiful an animal she was. Rest In Peace Lana.



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