The Lark of Duluth, a replica float plane that has been in the news lately, crash landed on the bay side of Park Point near Sky Harbor Airport midday Tuesday. The aircraft, which was classified by officials as a "working replica" and "experimental aircraft/airboat hybrid" was occupied solely by the pilot Mark Marino, the co-owner of the aircraft. Marino was not injured in the crash.

St. Louis County Undersheriff Dave Phillips reported to the media that it appears the pilot came in to fast, hitting the water hard and damaging the plane. The aircraft was being flown as part of a test flight, but was not the first time the plane had been in the air. According to Phillips, a Duluth Airport Authority boat was following the plane in the event of an issue where a rescue was necessary.

The plane's lower left wing, prop, and front portion of the fuselage sustained extensive damage, while other parts of the plane were also damaged in the crash. After the crash, the Duluth Airport Authority boat following the plane towed it to shore at the Sky Harbor Airport. Authorities on the scene report that the NTSB has been contacted, but it is unclear at the moment whether or not they will investigate the incident.

Photos of the Lark of Duluth Biplane Following Crash Landing