Go Badgers! According to a recent survey in Men's Health Magazine, Madison Wisconsin claims the title for most educated city in the U.S.

Having grown up in Milwaukee, I had made several trips to Madison for different things, and as an adult we would take road trips to Madison to party at some of the famous bars there ( definitely not for intellectual purposes) Also, I am a huge Wisconsin Badger Fan!  Congrats to such a great place. Oh by the way, cities at the bottom of the list: Las Vegas, Cleveland and Miami.

To evaluate the erudition of 100 cities, we tabulated the Department of Education's high-school graduation rates, along with U.S. Census figures on school enrollment (kindergarten through grad school) and education levels of people over 25 (less than high school, associate's or bachelor's degree, graduate or professional degree). We also tapped SimplyMap to find out how many households have student loans or take adult-education courses.

Most educated

1. Madison, WI A+

2. Plano, TX A+

3. Raleigh, NC A

4. Burlington, VT A

5. Seattle, WA A-

6. San Diego, CA A-

7. Honolulu, HI A-

8. Fargo, ND A-

9. Portland, ME A-

10. Lincoln, NE B+


11. Boise, ID B+

12. Columbia, SC B+

13. Colorado Springs, CO B+

14. St. Paul, MN B+

15. Minneapolis, MN B+

16. Lexington, KY B+

17. Pittsburgh, PA B

18. Virginia Beach, VA B

19. San Jose, CA B

20. San Francisco, CA B

[via Men's Health]