If you plan on visiting Duluth's Canal Park over the next couple days, be prepared for slow or stopped traffic near the Aerial Lift Bridge as maintenance work is set to resume.

The City of Duluth announced that beginning Wednesday, February 17 through Thursday, February 18 traffic across the Aerial Lift Bridge will be limited to one lane to accommodate maintenance work being done in the shipping off-season. Crews will be working in ten hours shifts to complete the work as soon as possible in an effort to minimize the amount of disruptions to neighboring communities. Traffic will be limited to one lane between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. each day.

As was the case when scheduled maintenance was previously done, contractors will be raising the bridge for twenty minutes at a time. After each twenty-minute lift, the bridge will be lowered, and traffic will be restored for fifteen to twenty minutes before once again lifting for another twenty minutes.

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Traffic flow across the bridge will be controlled by the traffic lights onsite. The City also notes that sidewalks will be open while work is being done on the Bridge.

Remember, you can always check ahead of time whether the Aerial Lift Bridge is up or down by viewing the Duluth Harbor Cam from your computer or smart device. This can help you try to travel through Canal Park efficiently.  This will come in handy not only this week, but also during the busier summer months in Canal Park.

You can click on the button below to access a live shot of the Bridge right now.

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