According to they reported that: according to a criminal complaint from the Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputies they responded to an assault around 10:50pm on Monday September 6 near the Sweet Martha's Cookie Stand. When they arrived a large group was gathered around an apparent fight that had happened and found a 24 year old man laying on the ground unconscious.

A 22 year old woman came forward and said the man was her husband and explained what had happened. She said that she had seen two women steal another man's wallet by the cookie stand and she followed them telling them they need to return the wallet. The two women then attacked her and her sister-n-law when her husband jumped in to intervene, he was attacked by two men.

As of September 8 his status was that he was transported to the hospital with "significant head injuries" When police tried interviewing him at the hospital he was in a state of confusion and was not able to identify the two men that attacked him.

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Some witnesses that were not involved in the incident identified Justin Theodore Morgan, 18, and Marquise Donta Brown, 21 as the attackers. The complaint states: "Morgan picked the husband up and slammed him onto the ground and that Brown kicked or stomped on his head." Both men were charged on Wednesday September 8 in Ramsey County District Court with third-degree assault. Morgan and Brown both told police that they were trying to break up the fight and that they did not hurt the man.

When you hear a story like this it is hard not to feel just gutted, you have an innocent person trying to do the right thing and she get's assaulted and her husband gets severely injured trying to protect her? How does something like this even happen? Such a tragic and senseless act of people acting like they have no regard for human life. Hopefully this gentleman will have a full recovery.

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