Cooper and I had a discussion on the air this morning about the notorious "Man-purse" or "Murse" and overwhelmingly all the women that responded were against it. Sorry guys, if you are currently single, start using your pockets, because your future girlfriend won't be down with it.

I myself think that it is no big deal. If anything I think that shows some true confidence in yourself to walk around with one, and I too hate having things in my pockets. As I said, I am definitely in the minority on this one, but we did have a select few who agreed with me .

Here is just a sample of some of the responses from the Mix 108 Facebook Page:

SHAY F: When "man-blank" is associated or conjoined with ANYTHING because it's for women... It should be a NO. They have wallets? They don't have Man-Pons (tampons) & mandles (sandles)... In their sparkly man designs with Gucci Man on the side written in cursive... :)

STEPHANIE B: no, why would he have that many things?

Ashley C. : I don't think it would be a big deal! Who really cares? We need to drop the gender stereotypes and stop caring so much! Let people be themselves!!

At last count when I wrote this, we had 33 comments-6 confirmed that it is o.k. and a few on the fence. :)