Merril Bainbridge's "Mouth" was first released in Australia in 1994 but didn't go anywhere. However, someone decided to give it another shot and it was repackaged and reissued in 1995 and with the help of airplay and more promo it became the biggest song of her career.

According to Wikipedia, it debuted on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart at number forty-two and after just six weeks it achieved the number-one position and stayed there for six consecutive weeks. This feat gave her the longest running number one by an Australian female in the 90's.

The song was released in the United States on 20 August 1996 and debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number sixty-seven and eventually peaked at number four. Success in the American music industry was, and still is, a relatively rare occurrence for Australian artists and the success of "Mouth" in the U.S. gave Bainbridge superstar status in her home country for a period. Ross Fraser stated that he thought she would have had more chance of success in Europe and what happened in the U.S. came as a surprise. The song spent a total of thirty weeks in the U.S. charts and was the thirty-seventh highest selling single for 1996. It was accredited gold by RIAA selling 600,000 copies around the U.S. After the success of the song, Bainbridge toured the U.S.and during that tour she played at Madison Square Gardens in New York with Sheryl Crow.