The popular restaurant in West Duluth, GB Schneider & Co. is closing in May. Turns out the building has been bought by a popular Mexican Restaurant.

According to DNT, owner Gary Schneider is retiring from the restaurant industry. The 72 year-old opened up the West Duluth restaurant in the Denfeld Center back in 2010. Before opening up the restaurant, Gary was the former club manager at Northland Country Club. The building was also home to a Grandma's West Duluth location which I would always try to convince my mom to take me there for lunch whenever I had a doctor's appointment to miss out on school a little longer.

According to the restaurant's website, Gary's passion for good food and good company started as a child growing up in Duluth. He also went on to say:

I’ve worked all across the country as a chef, collecting and perfecting new recipes. But even with all my training and experience, my favorite dishes are still the serious comfort foods from my past. It’s what you’ll find here everyday. Made-from-scratch, made-to-order and slow-cooked with tenderness—seasoned with tradition and my own “special something” from the heart. I’m proud to serve it up in West Duluth to the folks I call company.

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While he hasn't posted anything on his website or his social media pages about closing, according to DNT, Mexico Lindo will take over the property on May 15th, 2022. There is nothing about if Mexico Lindo will be closing their Fitgers location or if they will be doing something in both locations. All we know so far is the West Duluth location has been bought and is located at 4602 Grand Ave.

I for one am sad to see GB Schneider close, but excited to see what is in store. I'm also still waiting for a popular Mexican restaurant to open in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood.

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