A report in this week's Wall Street Journal reported how some customers were being turned away from trying to make a legitimate return. Best Buy uses a third party company called The Retail Equation that keeps a database on shoppers who have returned certain items to retailers. If a customer has to many returns on their record a retailer may ban them from making any returns in the future.

That is what happened to Jake Zakhar of California, his 3 returns flagged him as a possible fraudster and now he is banned form making any returns for a year! Best Buy has said that they are setting up a hotline to field complaints. A spokesman for Best Buy stated how fraud continues to be a real problem but they apologize to anyone who has been inappropriately affected and they are taking a hard look at what they are doing to make it better.

As with so many things you have a few people out there who are always trying to beat the system or scam in some way and it affects the innocent person who is doing something legitimate. This is not just a problem for Best Buy, but all retailers in general.




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