One Minnesota-based Fortune 500 company is hoping that A.I. powered products will help propel new business, so much so that they've just trained 30,000 employees about it.

Weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a controversial new feature for Windows PCs, Artificial Intelligence powered "Copilot+", this new feature has a particularly worrying element called "Recall", which takes screenshots of what you're doing on your computer so you can recall it at a later time. New laptops are starting to hit the market with this and other A.I. features built in, and Best Buy is gearing up for what they hope is high demand for these new products.

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Best Buy Expands Geek Squad To Office Depot
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Best Buy is betting big on A.I. by specially training more than 30,000 "certified Copilot+ Blue Shirt and Geek Squad experts across the country". The Minnesota-based retailer says that they have more than 40 A.I. powered laptops from makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung.

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The retailer is banking on huge interest in these new products by offering demos in store and training more than a 1,000 of their Geek Squad support staff to help training and demo the new features of this emerging technology. Best Buy says demos will start in stores starting on June 22nd.

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According to, Best Buy needs a sales boost, the company saw some nice sale surges during the pandemic, as people upgraded tech to be able to work from home, but since mid-2022, Best Buy has seen little interest from consumers in upgrading.

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