The Minnesota State Fair 2018 edition has broken 4 attendance records so far this year, but another was added today after the fair announced the Saturday attendance number.

This record is a BIG ONE, Saturday was the biggest single day in the history of the Minnesota State Fair with 270,426 people making the pilgrimage to fairgrounds.

The first, third, seventh and eighth days of this year's fair have broken the record for each particular day, but never has there been so many people at the fair for one day since the fair started in 1859.

To give you an idea of how many people that is, if we took everyone that lives in Rochester, Duluth, and Bloomington (3 of the 5 biggest cities in the state) and took them to the fair for one day, minus about 17 thousand people, that would be the number of sweaty fairgoers there were on Saturday.

Will we see another record broken before it wraps up tomorrow? Stay tuned!

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