The Minnesota Twins announced some new policies that will take effect this month at Target Field to ensure the safety of everyone at the game and also to help speed up entry into the stadium through security. I know that some people who have attended some games this year have complained about the extremely long lines to get in the stadium and then if you have any kind of a bag that is a seperate line you need to go through.

It is awesome that the team is doing so well and that fans are showing up in mass numbers, but again it has caused some headaches for fans and security. The new measures will be in 2 phases. The first one is June 11 the next home game for the Twins, where Fans will be able to keep personal items like cell phones, keys, wallets, and small clutch purses in their pockets while going through security.

Then on July 5, the next security phase goes in effect. Only single-compartment bags like purses, clutch purses, clear bags, drawstring bags, diaper bags and medically-necessary items will be allowed in the ballpark. Backpacks, laptop bags and duffel bags will not be allowed.

Season ticket holders are reminded that are entrance lanes dedicated for them and for people who do not have any bags. For more information on these policies click here.


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