The Minnesota Senate is backing legislature that would allow restaurants to offer  take out beer & wine. There are limitations on quantity and what would be sold to go. The house is expected to pass the bill on Friday.

  • Wine, Malt, Cider, and beer to be sold along with a food order
  • Only 750 milliliters of wine which is equivalent to a single bottle
  • 72 ounces of beer, hard seltzer, wine, cider, or malt beverage which is equivalent to a 6 pack
  • The restaurant must have a valid liquor license, but no additional licenses are required.
  • Whoever is picking up the food & alcohol must be 21
  • Local governing authorities may choose to prohibit sales and authority
  • This special exception for restaurants will expire when the stay at home order ends
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This would be good news for many restaurants who rely on beer & wine sales as part of their income. It is important to note that hard liquor and mixed cocktails are not a part of this agreement and will not be allowed to go with a take out order.

CORRECTION NOTICE: This post initially reported the legislation had passed. It has not been passed at the time of this original post.

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