Minnesota is the last state to have a 3.2 beer law and now with Molson/Coors saying that they will no longer make the product anymore some are calling for the law to finally go away.

The law says that only beer with reduced alcohol level can be sold in grocery and convenience stores, and after May 31st, 2021 consumers will have fewer options after the company stops offering products like Miller Lite, Coors Lite and Blue Moon in 3.2%.

Molson/Coors says that with the removal of the law from other states, sales of their 3.2% products have fallen 98% over the last year and that the 3.2% products are less than 1% of the company's offerings across the country.

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Kurt Daudt, the Minority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives, said in a tweet in early March, "Molson/Coors has announced they are pulling the plug on 3.2% production nationwide. It's time to pass my bill and allow convenience stores to sell beer Minnesotans want to buy."

It should come as no surprise that both the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association and the Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association are against any change in the law, claiming that any change could harm liquor store business in the state. The Star Tribune reports the groups claim that any change would “have serious repercussions for consumers and communities.”

Judging by how long and difficult it was to change the laws regarding Sunday liquor sales, the battle to change this law won't be an easy one and may take some time to get a bill through the committees and on the floor for a full vote.

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