Parenting is a hard job, and so once in a while Mom or Dad just have to let loose and have a little fun, but the the thing is you have to know your audience (children). In this case it is a little 3 year old girl who is as cute as can be.

If I had a dollar for every gift we have gotten the kids that we thought would be an Epic best present ever, we were sorely mistaken, or presents they loved were broken in a day. So goes the life of being a parent. The only tricks we have ever done were putting gifts in weird boxes and the look on their face was of sheer horror, until they opened it of course.

I am guessing Bug is just her nick name, :)  but, this little nugget is just as happy go lucky as can be. Her mom decided to play a trick on her for her birthday by putting a giant pair of granny panties in a bag as her "present." But wouldn't you know it, she loved them, she even put them on like a hat!

Mom don't you know anything? Wait until she is around 12 years old, then she won't think it is funny at all as she runs off to her room screaming something about how you ruined her life!

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