During the pandemic, the Greater Downtown Council came up with an idea for a drive-in down at the DECC for Movies In The Park, which I thought was a great idea.

Now that things are opening up a little bit, movies in the park run from July 9th through August 27th. So we can bring blankets and lay on the ground in Leif Erikson Park. The public has voted for most of the movies, so here they are:

- Karate Kid
- The Land Before Time
- The Goonies
- Pitch Perfect
- Grease
- The Outsiders
- The Wizard of Oz
There is a tie for the last spot, you can vote until March 31st.  Vote for Trolls World Tour or Tom & Jerry. Vote Here on the GDC Facebook page.

Again this year the movies were picked by the people that watch them, I believe this is the 16th year of the Movies In The Park. People are encouraged to bring a blanket and either bring snacks some refreshments to the park. They haven't announced whether there will be snacks and beverages.

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Movies in the Park are held every Friday night during the summer. The movies are shown larger than life on a giant outdoor screen at Leif Erikson Park, overlooking the shores of Lake Superior. Which is very cool to bring the whole family.

Last year because of the pandemic, they turned the DECC into a drive-in movie theater, which I thought was cool because it lets kids see what it was like when some of us were younger when there were drive-in movie theaters.  It also let all the people who have been there re-live the experience with their family.

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