It is a week of releases from long standing groups, who have stood the test of time in a very fickle and competitive industry. Plus some old school classics have put some compilations together. Here we go with some highlights for the week.

1.) P.O.D. "Murdered Love"- I have been a fan of this group for years, mainly because what I feel is their  unique sound, along with their name which stands for "Payable On Death". The band has described this latest album as getting back to their roots: " A little bit of hip hop, a little bit of punk rock, or reggae" Here is the latest video off their new album below:

2.) Staind "Live From Mohegan Sun" (DVD; Blu-ray) It's hard to believe that this band has been around for 17 years, but they are still going strong and this DVD will be a treat for fans that missed them on tour this past Spring. No word yet on any new album.

3) Bananarama     "30 Years of Bananarama [CD/DVD]" (22 songs, 35 music videos)- who would of thought that they even had 22 songs? But, you still gotta love them. Wanna relive the 80's? Make sure to pick this up ASAP!