A new natural landscape bike park will be opening soon in Two Harbors thanks to the help of volunteers.

According to the Lake County News Chronicle, the new park is being spearheaded by Arete Outdoor Ministries and Crushing Mechanics, they got the City Council's approval to build the park late in May.

Park organizer Nate Eide told the Lake County News Chronicle, "the features will be progressive in that there might be a feature that has a little jump, a medium jump, and a big jump right in that same spot. You can choose which one you want to do or you can always go around it if all of those are too scary. As you start to feel more confident, you can progress your way over to the bigger jumps."

Volunteers could begin work on the park right away and they could have the bikes on the trails by fall.

Arete Outdoor Ministries says on their website that their mission is to develop "youth of moral excellence by modeling and teaching Biblical values through outdoor adventures."

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