With mobile gaming and social media continuing to shape our daily lives, a company has decided to take things to the next level and turn eating habits into a social game. Foodzy, an Amsterdam-based start-up has developed a website and mobile phone applications to turn what you eat into points.

Foodzy will help users keep track of what they eat and award badges for certain healthy eating habits, with the hope of helping people shape healthier lifestyles. The game adds a social element, allowing you to compete with your friends for badges and other game incentives.

The company admits it isn't just about smart diet decisions, adding badges like the "BBQ Badge" for people who barbecue frequently and the "Hangover Badge" for drinking a little more than you should have the night before.

This isn't a completely foreign concept. Companies like Foursquare offer a similar "social gaming" experience, but what is unique about this is that it is supposed to encourage healthier lifestyles. Will it work? I'm personally not convinced. It may spur some into being a little more conscious of what they eat, but overall I wouldn't consider the company's lofty intentions of being a powerful healthy living tool to be completely valid. It may be fun to compete with your friends, but maybe more for those BBQ and Hangover badges than the carrot badge.

If you're interested in giving Foodzy a spin for yourself, hit the source link below or check out their mobile apps. Apps for both iOS and Android devices are free from their respective app stores, but there is a $15/year subscription to take full advantage of the features offered.


Source: Foodzy

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