Looking for a band as badass as the Powerpuff Girls? Not The Main Characters have you covered with their new R&B-meets-D'n'B single, "bad things."

The track opens with the trio — Perrin, Tammy and Gabi — putting their own sinister spin on the cartoon's original theme song. While the iconic Powerpuff Girls theme is about the titular animated girls being created using sugar, spice and everything nice, Not The Main Characters believe that their band is composed instead of "chaos, vices and an existential crisis."

"We wrote this song as a way to introduce ourselves not only as a group but as individuals," Perrin says of the track, premiering exclusively on PopCrush. "We get inspiration from iconic groups like the Powerpuff Girls, because when we grew up watching them we were invested in each one of them, as well as them as a unit."

Listen to the supercharged new single, below.

Watch Not The Main Characters' "bad things" Music Video:

"We like to joke about who’s who within the Powerpuff Girls," Tammy weighs in, adding that she's "definitely Buttercup — mainly because of my accidental RBF and the fact that I’ll come for anyone who tries to f--- with my friends. Perrin and Gabi are both a mix of Blossom and Bubbles and it varies daily."

According to Gabi, "The Powerpuff Girls were an unhinged experiment and we really relate to that in terms of how we started working together ... As unhinged as we can be at times, we’re all incredibly assertive when it comes to the creative process. That pairing of chaos and tenacity is what makes a real baddie; someone who’s real and raw and confident in all that they bring to the table. That phrase accurately describes NTMC, hence 'baddies come in threes' being the perfect EP title."

Not The Main Characters' debut EP Bad Things Come in 3's it out May 20.

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