We've all heard stories of critters wreaking havoc on vehicles, such as mice getting in and chewing apart electrical wiring or a spider presenting itself as you drive down the road. However, this story from the Pine County Sheriff's office may take the cake.

They shared an officer's recent discovery, which came at an very inconvenient time, on their official Facebook page. They humorously referred to it as a "situational awareness" lesson.

The story begins like this:

As he was driving down the road, a squirrel pops out from underneath his computer and jumps out on the dash. He gave a quick stare down to the officer, then it runs across the dash and along the drivers’ side window (which was closed) and goes somewhere behind him. The officer pulls over and opens all of his doors to get the squirrel out but it is no where to be found.

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Where could he new friend have gone? Well, as you can see from the picture below, it appears that the squirrel has been using the back of the patrol unit as a new home, including storing plenty of food in preparation of the winter months ahead.

The Pine County Sheriff's Office says the nuts have now been placed into evidence. No word on if they dusted for prints. They also say that if anyone sees a squirrel desperately looking for his food, they would love to talk to him in relation to this incident. Perhaps they will attain the services of a criminal sketch artist so we can all keep an eye out.

Personally, I give credit to to the officer involved here. Most people, including me, would freak out if a squirrel jumped out on the dash while driving down the road. That could very well cause an accident under most circumstances, but this officer handled it like the professional that they are.

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