VH1 ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ starlet Olivia made her way online yesterday (May 28), or rather, ‘Sun Don’t Shine,’ the third single from her upcoming album, ‘Show the World.’ The song, a Southern rap-infused ballad, features Sean Kingston, who commands the track’s catchy hook.

Over staccato drums and a swelling synthesizer lead, Olivia croons, “Ain’t nothin’ better than seeing you when I wake up, you turning over kissing my face without no makeup / You give me all I ever wanted, my heart is open you’re my one and only.”

At the song’s climax, Olivia — perhaps upstaging her co-star by belting out a variety of high notes — joins Kingston in singing, “I’ll love you till the end of time / At the end of the day you’ll be mine.”

All in all it’s a cheeky affair. And considering that the first single, ‘December,’ peaked at No. 12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 R&B/Soul Chart, there certainly seems to be a renewed interest in the embattled singer’s tunes. ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ is a contemporary and fresh sound, which is important because Olivia is desperately trying to prove that she’s still relevant after all these years. (The singer fell under the radar after parting ways with G-Unit Records in 2007, but was thrust back into the spotlight last year when she was cast in VH1′s ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’)

That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if it keeps her buzzing until the third season of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ airs. Heck, maybe it’ll even be a hit.

Listen to Olivia, ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ Feat.  Sean Kingston

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