Three years ago, a woman accused Sean Kingston and two of his bodyguards of gang-raping her. The criminal charges were dropped when law enforcement decided the alleged victim, Carissa Capeloto, wasn't credible, but she's now pressing ahead with a $5 million civil suit.

Capeloto, 22, says that back in 2010, she went to a Seattle concert in which Kingston opened for Justin Bieber, and after the show, she was invited to Sean's hotel room for a "meet-and-greet." She says when she got there, the rapper was "waiting naked on his bed," and that one of his bodyguards physically "picked her up and placed her on top" of him.

Carissa maintains Kingston and his two bodyguards raped her, even though she'd smoked pot and downed as many as 10 vodka shots and was "obviously intoxicated" and "incapable of consent." A friend of hers eventually came into the room, got her out of there, and called police. A hospital examination later showed Capeloto had "physical injuries consistent with rape."

Since then, she says she can't sleep and has mood swings and panic attacks, so she wants a minimum of $5 million from her three alleged attackers. Trial is set for November.

For his part, Kingston doesn't deny the sex occurred, but says it was totally consensual.

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