Following word that the Superior Target would be closing in January, a petition has been created on the website to call for the company to keep the retail outlet open in town. user Terri Kalan created the petition, asking the company to reconsider the decision to close the store, stating the following in the petition's description:

Target representatives have informed Superior's Target employees that the store will close sometime late January. They did not give a reason other than saying it is not due to lack of business and that the store was doing well. We love Target and closing the store will be a tremendous loss to our community. Please do not close our store!

The petition had quickly garnered near 250 supporters as of the time of this post, with continued support rolling in.

It is worth pointing out that while a well-supported petition of this nature might be a tool to show community support for the business to the Target corporate offices, it is by no means a guarantee that the company will change their mind in the decision to close the store.

If you're unfamiliar, is one of the leading online platforms for online petitions. Based in Delaware, the website has grown exponentially in use over recent years as a tool to garner support and awareness for a number of causes.

If you'd like to join in on the petition, you can do so by clicking the button below.