To this day I still see a deer in someones yard and I have to do a double take that it is not a statue. With the landscape of this area: streams, lakes, trees along with houses, condos and buildings galore many animals have learned to adapt alongside a concrete jungle and Duluth is no exception.

This video was shot back in November by The Lester River. I have probably watched it 20 times because this Otter is so cute and the fact that I had no idea that otters were in that river? Our kids swim at lower Lester River every summer and it kind of freaked me out to now know that Otters are in there somewhere.

Yes I am a city kid and these close ups with nature really take me surprise still. But that is why I love this video so much, this little Otter is having the time of his life, totally unaware that a human is nearby video taping his playtime. I only wish I enjoyed winter as much as he does.

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