Panic At The Disco recently kicked off their "Viva Las Vengeance" tour with their 5th stop in Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center. This show was part of their 40-city tour, but hopefully, they will not have any more incidents like they had Wednesday night. A small fire broke out on the side of the stage. Thankfully they got it under control and it did not cause any mass panic in the crowd.

What is really unbelievable is how calm the band members were, one walked right by the fire returning to the stage and Brendon Urie the lead singer was singing and dancing like nothing was going on. Granted he was on the opposite side of the stage but he had to have seen the fire at some point. But like they say the show must go on!

According to Bring Me The News "It's not been officially confirmed what sparked the fire, though those in the audience believe it was caused by stage pyrotechnics." If that is truly the case I wonder if they are going to still use pyrotechnics for the remainder of their shows. They are not that far into the tour at this point.

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Below is a different perspective of the fire.

Apparently, members in the audience were yelling "Fire" at some of the band members on stage!

Again Thankfully staff were able to put out the fire rather quickly, but it had to be a little frightening for the audience and band members alike, especially in a venue of that size is a lot of people would have had to evacuate the building if that fire would have gotten out of hand.

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