According to the author of the article Kristen Gough brought up a great point that her husband made about the Great Lakes. He said it is like the ocean except gentler waves, no salt water and no sharks. That is a fact. Kristen set out in the Midwest to find the most beautiful beaches and narrowed them down to seven.

No surprise that our very own Park Point made the list. Let's just add another national recognition for Duluth, shall we? The list is in no particular order, but I must say I was surprised that one of the beaches was in Iowa. Nothing against our neighbors to the South, but when I think of Iowa, lakes and beaches does not come to mind. Here is the top seven.

  1. Arnolds Park Beach – Okoboji, Iowa

  2.  Clinch Park Beach – Traverse City, Michigan

  3. Headlands Beach State Park – Mentor, Ohio

  4. Lake View Beach – Beverly Shores, Indiana

  5. Ludington State Park Beach – Ludington, Michigan

  6. Park Point Beach – Duluth, Minnesota

  7. Schoolhouse Beach – Washington Island, WI

Gough described Park Point as a long stretch of velvety sand and also about the cold temperature of the water and that it is for the heartiest of folks, but also about the wildlife and barges you can see from the shore line. Yes the water is a little chilly, but that is why on a hot summer day you have to run in the water and dive right in. I am not sure if she took a dip in any of the lakes she has on her list, but thankfully some of the locals did warn her about the riptides

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