The summer season means construction and repair projects of all kinds across the Northland, and that includes maintenance, upgrade, and repair work to water systems in towns across the region.

The City of Two Harbors shared via Facebook on Thursday that just such work will be taking place to start the new week, which will impact portion of the city.

As the release from Two Harbors city officials explain, this is part of an ongoing water main upgrade and repair plan for the city, with a handful of blocks in one portion of the city seeing their water being shut off for a period of time in the middle of the day on Monday, June 14.

The area impacted by this water shut-off will be the 500-900 blocks of 11th Avenue, with the scheduled shutoff set to start at about 10:00 am on Monday the 14th. They hope to conclude the work by around 2:00 pm on the same day.

The note from city officials explains that residents in this area may want to store some water in advance for use during this roughly four-hour interruption in service. They ask that residents in this area do not try to use their water system during the shut-off period.

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Once service is restored sometime around 2:00 pm, officials say there may be some air in the water lines. There also may be some discolored water you might see. They ask residents in the impacted area to run their cold laundry tub faucet or outside water spigot to clear the lines of air bubbles or discolored water. Once the water has a consistent flow and is consistently clear, it is safe to stop running your faucet and return to normal use.

Residents with questions about this project are encouraged to contact the city's Utility Superintendent, Paul Johnson, at (218) 834-8812 or to call City Hall at (218) 834-5631.

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