Have you found it difficult to look at an old milk jug or a canning jar the same way you used to?  Do you frequently daydream about having a cocktail party so you can try out your amazing new drink recipes?  Has it crossed your mind that you should call in "sick" and convince your kids they're sick too so you can play hooky and work on fun crafts all day?  Has your significant other's "Honey Do" list recently multiplied ten-fold?  If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be suffering from (or enjoying) a brand-new illness affecting women (and some men) called "Pinterest Syndrome."

Ok, I totally made that all up, but I've been introduced to a website that may be even more addictive than Facebook.  Do not read any further if you don't have the willpower to fight off the Pinterest Syndrome.

For those not familiar with Pinterest.com, the website is based on the idea of a cork board.  On your virtual cork board, you can find things online you want to save, and pin it to your own page.  Whether it's a recipe, a great DIY project, a fashion trend you love, a cute quote, organizational tools, recycling old into new, gift ideas, etc.  You can also re-pin friends' pins, and, like Facebook, you can "Like" things others have pinned.  It's highly addictive, and I have already lined up so many projects I'd like to find time to start.  The great part about Pinterest is once it's pinned on your page you can go back anytime, click on the picture, and (most often) you'll be led to a website with the recipe instructions, the project directions, or where you can buy those adorable shoes.

The picture I posted here is not something I did myself.   Although I would love to take credit, it is a project my mother-in-law did with old costume jewelery she inherited from her mom.  She used a frame without the glass, some velvet attached to the frame backing, a hot glue gun, and hours of making each piece fit just right.    Now, I can't take credit for the project, but was it me that uploaded it on Pinterest?  Yup!

Don't say I didn't warn you when the same hours you spend checking Facebook turn into hours spent pinning and re-pinning on Pinterest!

Are you a Pinterester?  What do you love about it?  How many hours have you constructively wasted? :)