UPDATE 2:00 PM 12/1/19

Duluth officials offer insight on moving your vehicle if your street has not been plowed in a pair of Facebook posts, seen below. The key takeaways from the updates beyond that are that main roadways remain the top priority for plow crews, and residential streets will become the focus once main roadways are cleared. Snow removal will carry into the workweek. In the meantime, the no travel advisory remains in place until further notice.

UPDATE 10:00 AM 12/1/19

Duluth city officials provided an update on Sunday morning about the no travel advisory, closures in Canal Park and Park Point, and snow removal plans from a storm that dropped over 19 inches so far at the Duluth NWS office. Here is what to know from the update:

Park Point is still closed to non-residents. Duluth Police officers are stationed at the lift bridge to check identification before allowing anyone to cross.

While water has receded on some Canal Park roads that were closed yesterday, Morse, Buchanan, and end portion of Canal Park Drive will remain closed until at least later in the day on Sunday.

Duluth's no travel advisory remains in effect. City officials are asking the public to shelter in place until further notice as the storm wraps up and snow removal continues. Plow crews have been out since 2 am clearing main roadways, with residential streets starting to get cleared.

The National Weather Service is predicting another one to three inches of snow to fall in Duluth until noon when the storm begins to move out. As the storm leaves, the wind direction will continue to change and wind speed will decrease.

The City will provide another update after noon today.

UPDATE 8:55 PM 11/30/19

The City of Duluth shared a few additional closures to go along with those noted in previous updates. In a message shared via social media, they said the following:

Park Point has been closed to non-residents due to flooding. Police officers are checking identification to verify proof of residence before allowing anyone to cross the bridge.

Buchanan Street and the portion of Canal Park Drive that connects to Morse Street have been closed due to flooding.

The City of Duluth advises absolutely no travel unless it is an emergency. If there is an emergency, please call 911 first. Please stay home and shelter in place until further notice.

UPDATE 7:35 PM 11/30/19

City officials have closed Morse Street due to flooding. This joins the closures of a portion of Harbor Drive and the Lighthouse Parking Lot, as noted below.

UPDATE 4:37 PM 11/30/19

City officials have now closed the Lighthouse Parking Lot, which is at the end of Canal Park Drive by Grandma’s Restaurant. Officials say this area is also closed to foot traffic, "as waves continue to increase in size and is unsafe for pedestrians". City officials continue to monitor other areas for flooding, of which none have flooded at this time.


The City of Duluth shared that a portion of Harbor Drive in Duluth is closed due to flooding. The section of roadway being impacted by flooding is the area behind AMSOIL Arena. City officials are continuing to monitor other areas at risk for flooding, but no other closures have been announced yet.

As the storm continues to move through the area, city officials remind the public that no travel is advised during this storm. Heavy snow and windy conditions continuing through Saturday night will make travel extremely difficult and dangerous.

The public is being asked to shelter in place during the storm. This is being asked to prevent extra traffic on roadways as crews try to keep roads clear, as well as to cut back on weather-related accidents that can put extra strain on emergency responder resources during the storm.

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